Javier Huertas

Country director Spain. Podcast marketing strategies | Ex-TikTok, Ex-Spotify (Sales Partner).

20 years of curiosity about revenue (Direct, Vendor & Inside), customer success & partnerships – Passionate about Tech, Design & Processes from a leadership angle.

I had the opportunity to lead advertising revenue operations from AdTech & Publisher angles in 26+ markets (Central Europe, Russia & CIS, Baltics, Balkans, South Asia & MENA). What I’ve enjoyed the most has been the Spotify AudioAds launch in Russia & CIS back in 2019.

I like strategizing around processes, segments, revenue & monetization models through data-validation frameworks applied to ML/AI, Web3, API infrastructures, SaaS and tech in general.

Leadership motivates me the most, built high performance teams in cross functional structures for commercial, product, Go-To-Market & growth in B2B / B2B2C models. KPI: Keep People Inspired

Master Thesis: Dating & Matching in-app monetization models